5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Deadlines

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Deadlines are very useful to keep motivated and avoid the dreaded procrastination bug. Most importantly, a deadline is critical to keep you from wasting your valuable time. Just like a spending budget, a deadline can be a budget for your time and ensure that you stay productive. However, deadlines can actually hurt more than help and need to be used properly, here are 5 common mistakes when making deadlines: Read more

How to Tell if You Have a Great Job - 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Everyone has a bad day at work once in a while. Sometimes we draw the conclusion that our job is terrible. However, this usually stems from our strong emotions and frustrations at the moment. Here is a set of questions to help you assess if your job is really great:

  1. Are your responsibilities clearly outlined and do you know what is expected of you?
  2. Do you have the essential resources and environment to do your work correctly? (PC working properly, software, office supplies, office space, etc.)
  3. Do you get weekly feedback or recognition for doing good work?
  4. Does your supervisor treat you with respect and cares about you as a person?
  5. Do you have a mentor or a coworker that encourages or gives advice about your development at work?
  6. Are your opinions and input taken into consideration?
  7. Do your coworkers share a work ethic to doing quality work?
  8. Can you relate to at least one other co-worker and can consider them as a friend?
  9. Do you have an opportunity to review with management your progress and future strategies?
  10. Do you have the opportunity for advancement in terms of skill, experience, and responsibilities?

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A Morning Routine to Boost your Positive Energy 7 Tips

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The key to having a great day is dependent on how you start it. A positive morning routine helps build the foundation to boost your energy and gets you in a great mood. Here are some morning routine tips to help get your day started on the right foot:

1. Get up 15 mins before your usual time

Waking up 15 minutes earlier is a minimal affect on your amount of sleep. But this can make a big difference in starting your day with extra time to relax not rush into your morning.

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The Benefits of Mediation and a Simple Guide to Start Meditating Today

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meditate-meditation-meditatingAh yes…. your job is kicking your ass, your family is starting to get on your nerves and your friends are real jerks! It might seem that way but everyone has a bad day every once in a while. There is really nothing wrong with your job, family or friends – your are just overwhelmed and need to de-stress. Meditation can be the ideal solution to your stress. Meditation has been used around the world for centuries to develop calmness and inner peace. Here are the major benefits of meditation followed by a simple guide to get started:

Benefits of Meditation

Increase Focus and Concentration – Meditation takes the chaos in your mind and helps to clear the distractions to direct your thoughts on your priorities for higher productivity.

Improved Health – Meditation has been shown to help with sleeplessness, depression, high blood-pressure, reduce anxiety to increase your immune system defenses.

Higher Level of Awareness – You’ll start noticing things that you have taken for granted such as: breathing, heartbeat, and your senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste). Most often we overlook the basics of just being alive, meditation helps you to appreciate it more.

Inspiration – Meditation can generate the positive energy to unleash creativity, motivation and enthusiasm.

- and of course….. Inner Peace

A Simple Guide to Meditation Read more

How to Make Your Boss Happy: 5 Timeless Tips

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At some point in your life you will have to deal with having a boss. Whether your boss is very demanding or easy going, the bottom line is: if they are happy then you are happy - it just makes your job easier and more rewarding when working for a happy boss. Although you might be a boss yourself, its also important in terms of personal relations, to acknowledge what can make you happy at work.

Here are some tips on how to make your boss happy:

1. Preference for receiving information

This is a very crucial element in your bosses happiness, it makes the difference in their frustration level and their perception of how effective you are. The medium or method of delivery that your boss receives information can really speed up communication and time management. Does your boss hate email but loves to get phone calls instead? Or do they despise email attachments but prefer a printed hard copy on their desk? Or do they want everything in a centralized location like a web-based file storage?

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The Common Causes of Productivity Setbacks and How to Eliminate Them

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productivity-setbackWhat is a productivity setback? They are the tasks that limit and slow down your ability to execute a process. An excellent way to get more things done and increase your effectiveness is simply to prevent any productivity setbacks. If something that normally takes several hours could be finished in an hour, wouldn’t you want to know how? Here are some of the common causes and the solutions to eliminate productivity setbacks:

Working on a Team
Being part of a team is inevitable, especially if you are in business. Waiting on team members to finish work that you need can bring productivity to a very slow pace. If a crucial team member is not completing their part fast enough, the whole team will get stuck.

Solution: Often people get held up because they are combining two separate phases. Most tasks come from two phases, an idea-generation phase and a refining phase. Read more

The 7 Major Mistakes in Leadership

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mistakes-leadershipLeadership can apply to different areas in your life, whether you are managing a team of people for your company, managing a family, starting your own business or leading a sports team. It’s important to be aware of the 7 major causes for bad leadership and how avoiding one or more of these mistakes can be the key that takes you to a higher level of success in your career, business, and personal goals.

1. Unable to Empower Others

Perhaps the most significant quality of a good leader is the ability to influence, motivate, train and grow other people. A great leader who focuses on training his team can multiply his efforts, instead of one person (yourself) with the skills to do something, you will now have a whole team. It’s universal knowledge that people get more money for their ability to get others to perform, than they can by doing something on their own. A leader who cannot increase the efficiency and effectiveness of others has failed his purpose as a leader. Read more

The 6 Personality Types and the Careers That Match

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6-personalitiesOne of the keys to having a fulfilling and successful career is being able to develop a true passion for what you do. This starts with an examination of your personality type; there you can determine which career path is the best route. From my personal experience I know that people tend to perform better and develop happiness in a job that really suits them.

According to psychologist John Holland’s theory, people generally fit into one of the 6 personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. (RIASEC theory) Here are the definitions of the personality types definitions and the careers that are perfect for each:

1. Realistic
Typically people who have the realistic personality type like to work with Read more

Why 80% of Success is Showing Up

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80 of showing up is successMany of you are probably familiar with the Woody Allen quote

80% of success is showing up.”

Even though this is such an obvious truth, this qoute can be a great way of re-aligning your perspective with different activities in your life. This can apply to your career, relationships, education and health.

Here are 3 ways why showing up can increase your chances of success immensely.

1. It turns your ideas into tangible actions
It’s super easy to generate ideas and start day dreaming of the things you want to accomplish. We can literally think about what we wish for all day. But the act of showing up is a turning point where that idea can become a reality. Your action of showing up is now tangible; meaning that you can feel, experience and touch it. Read more

Eliminate the Escape Routes to Increase Motivation

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eliminate-escape-routesHow important are your goals? Will you do everything possible to achieve them?

If your goals and dreams are truly important to you, then you should do what it takes for you to push, motivate and move closer to your goals. You will have to make a very serious commitment.

Perhaps one the most effective ways to make this commitment is to eliminate any escape routes that give you an opening to quit or go back.

By keeping those escape routes open, you are allowing yourself to say that it’s ok to turn back. And when it becomes difficult, as it does for any worthwhile goal, you will quit.

Eliminating the escape routes will ensure your success. Here are three popular metaphors that best describe this powerful philosophy:

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